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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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after a deadly shooting rampage by an american soldier. the action the taliban is vowing to take against the u.s. military. we only have a week left of winter officially. but it hasn't felt like it. however this week it may eventually start to feel like it. we'll have more coming up soon on the morning news. good morning. it is monday morning, march 12th i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm maureen naylor. both pam and dave are off today. we want to get a quick look at weather starting with steve. winter returning tomorrow. >> yeah. it looks like this week could be a little different here. mostly sunny skies. we are waiting on this system.  it's to the north. we will carve out an interesting week. today though you get a little break 50s and low 60s.
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here is sal. good morning, please drive carefully. this is the time of the year when for some reason accidents go up after the time change. people may be groggy, missing sleep, that kind of thing. so please give yourself extra plenty of time. this is a look at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. it's 5:00 let's go back to the desk. topping our news at 5:00 oakland police are investigating two overnight shootings. one of them involved a 13-year- old girl. ktvu allie rasmus joins us live from oakland police headquarters with more. >> reporter: we are learning three people were shot in oakland. one of the shooting victims was a 13-year-old girl. we are getting this information in our newsroom. she was apparently town by police at 18th avenue and east 15th street. she was shot in the forearm and she was transported to children's hospital. police don't know if that shooting was connected to the other one you are seeing in
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this video. this was a shooting that happened just before 11:00 last night at an apartment building in high street. police found two men suffering from gunshot wounds there. you can see one of the shooting victims was sitting upright and alert as paramedics loaded him in the ambulance. he and the other man shot have nonlife threatening injuries. we don't know how many shots were fired or why the gunfire broke out in the first place. police collected numerous shell casings. various pieces of evidence. police have not revealed the age or identity of the two men shot. investigators are still trying to determine a possible motive. police are also looking for the suspects involved in the shooting that injured that 13 year old girl. she was transported to childrens hospital in oakland. we will continue to have more information on this later on in the show. live in oakland war air.
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5:02. the alameda county coroners office is investigating a grim discovery in hayward. police found the mens body on the rocks. at this point it's not clear how the man died. investigators say there is no sign of foul play. the coroner hopes to identify the man later today. the taliban is vowing revenge for the killing of 16 civilians in afghanistan. an american soldier is accused of going to three houses, shooting the people inside and then burning their bodies. the dead include nine children and three women. u.s. officials have identified the shooter as an american army staff sergeant. no word yesterday on a motive for the shooting. coming up at 5:15 we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with reaction from president obama and republican presidential candidates. the search is on this morning for a marin believed to be missing in san mateo county. the search is centered near the sharp park golf course in pacifica. lorraine blanco joins us live. the marine has not been seen
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for ten days. >> reporter: yeah that is true. they have been searching for ten days and this moose lodge here in pacifica has been the command point for rescue crews all weekend. dozens of people have been looking for him since thursday. take a look at joseph mchenry. he told family he was going rock climbing and said he would stay overnight in the area on march 2nd but they haven't heard at all from him since. search dogged have scoured the area all weekend. >> we are searching the ocean bluffs along the pacifica coast here as well as the inland areas from the bluffs. and that is an area he indicated he was possibly going to go camping. >> reporter: police found mchenry's camper on wednesday near the sharp park golf course. if you have any information about mchenry's whereabouts call san bruno police.
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live in pacifica lorraine blanco. it's 5:04. more fallout is expected from the controversy surrounding berkeley's police chief. police chief michael meehan was peppered with questions about the departments response to a recent beating death of a oakland residence. he thought the online article misrepresented his comments. he sent an officer to the reporters home at 12:45 in the morning to insist the story be changed. today a city council woman plans to talk to the manager about the chiefs behavior. coming up in the next half hour a live report from berkeley on how this incident may effect the relationship between the community and the police rank and file. jury selection continues in the trial of san francisco sheriff ross mitigating mirk roadway -- ross mitigating
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mirkarimi. he is charged with domestic violence battery, child endangerment and persuading a witness. he has pleaded not guilty. a concord woman facing dui and child endangerment charges after a crash involving her three-year-old daughter. the truck they were in crashed into a utility pole on market street around 4:30 yesterday morning. that knocked out power to 4,000 pg&e customers and damaged two other cars. no one was hurt. witnesses tell us they saw a man behind the wheel jump out and run away. >> i would say in his early 30s. he started running and i thought thank god he's okay. he started running. i thought he was the only one in the car. >> minutes later witnesses say a woman and child left the scene in a taxi. police later arrested the woman at a nearby apartment complex and they say she was the driver. the morning commute could be slow through part of
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oakland. starting at 10:00 a.m. today cal tran will shut down the number four lane from lake shore avenue to park boulevard. the closure will last until 3:00 this afternoon. maintenance crews plan on trimming trees. >> good thing they are not doing it at this hour. it would be a mess out there. let's check in with sal castaneda and see what is happening. that is right you used to work the morning shift a long time ago. >> long time ago. >> good morning, ken and maureen. traffic is moving well around the bay area. no problems right now. but any little thing could make it go south on us. so far so good on the east shore freeway and getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are coming up to the toll plaza there is nothing new or different. everything is the same getting into san francisco. of course we want san jose very closely. and so far so good here.
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let's go to steve. thank you very much. a very good morning. our system is to the north. it will not get here until tomorrow. today mostly sunny. low clouds will be advancing azoths system slowly works its way in. i'm sure you hear the message here. i snow around 2,000 feet. rainfall this week let's hope. usually in a dry year there is a lot of false hopes here. everything is setting up for north bay decent rain. elsewhere okay. heaviest rain will be to the north. this system will eventually carve itself out. it's actually lifting a little bit today. we will have lots of sun today. 30s on the temps or 40s. the rain continues to mainly hang out toward the north
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coast. crescent city, eureka north. this is really impressive back in here. that is where the development is taking police. it looks like it will stall out on tuesday which could give us a decent rain for awhile. rain and wind beginning to develop. mostly sunny tea. a little breezy in the hills. increasing clouds tonight. inned a advance of that system already winter storm warnings out. if you need to get up to the sierra it will be okay. highs today upper 50s and low 60s. we have clouds rolling in. tuesday rain lingering into wednesday. next system moves in friday night and saturday. then really cold. really cold. >> all right, thank you, steve. high school seniors could soon be asked a very personal question. the new effort to have them to declare their sexual orientation before entering
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college. she pulled a big rig driver out of this burning truck and now congress may honor a young hero from san francisco. traffic in marin county that looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning. welcome back. your time is 5:12. the university of california considering asking incoming students to declare their sexual orientation. ucla daily bruins newspaper
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reports they made the recommendation back in january. students would make the declaration on the forms they signed when they accept their admission offer. the declaration would be optional and apply to all 10uc campuses including uc berkeley. >> i think they are fine. they are collecting information to cater the population. and it's not ably tour. it's voluntary. it's up to you whether you want it or not. >> the uc academic senate says the question could leave school to add more services to students. campus police say 19-year- old alexander song posted the threat online. the message stated he would kill enough people to make the national news. song is now under going a psychiatric evaluation. the pentagon says it's investigating the shocking shootings in afghanistan of 16 civilians including women and children. a u.s. soldier is accused of
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leaving a military base and opening fire. scott mcfarland is in our newsroom. >> reporter: that soldier is a soldier from joint base lewis mccord in washington state. he turned himself into authorities after this rampage. look closely at your screen. you will see a picture of president obama calling president karzai. threating revenge on u.s. troop there is because of it. u.s. support of america's presence in afghanistan is already dwindling. a new poll shows 60%over americans don't think that war is worth fighting any longer. republican presidential cab states all of -- can dates all -- candidates all will be talking about it. >> the justice will be done. we will not to rate that kind
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of thing. >> reporter: we expect to hear from mitt romney in 20 minutes. in the meantime u.s. forces have boosted security even tighter in u.s. military facilities near kandahar and throughout afghanistan and amid threats of retaliation from afghanistan taliban. live in washington scott mcfarland. here in the bay area members of the afghan soccer club in free mont are -- fremont are calling the civilian deaths shocking and sad. fremont has a large afghan presence in the city. >> who knows what was in his mind. nobody knows yet. >> teaches international relations at san francisco state he tells ktvu this will increase attention in afghanistan and leave an opening for the taliban. police are asking for help in their search for a stabbing suspect. 21-year-old rogerrest pi know
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is a --est pi know is a is latino. he was one of two men who stabbed and beat a man after he spotted them tampering with his car. a call went out for help around 8:00 last night. firefighters tell the times a man in his 40s was waste deep in a creek near newel avenue in main street. he appeared to be intoxicated. a young hero from san francisco is expected to hear from the congressional medal of honor foundation today. 22-year-old keema williams will learn if she is among those aworded the foundation of the special citizens award. it would be the latest honor
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from the young mother. that's when williams jumped out of her car and pulled a driver out of this burning big rig on highway 101 in san francisco. >> always nice to see that get recognized. let's turn it over to sal on this monday morning. how are things looking? >> things are good. good morning, to you. we are off to a nice start on this monday. i think a lot of people will be tired losing that hour of sleep. let's go outside and take a look at what we have. highway 4 the traffic is moving along pretty well heading out to the will low pass grade. no problems on interstate 680 nearby. also this morning we are off to a nice start in oakland. that traffic is moving well in both directions. 280 traffic continues to look good getting up to highway 17. no problems there. that traffic continues to move well all the way up on 17 down to the valley as it turns into 880. now go to steve.
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thank you. we have mostly clear skies. partly cloudy to the north. our system is on its way. not until tuesday. rain then cold comes in for the upcoming weekend. i mean really cold. until then possibility of decent rain this week. compared to a season where we vice president had -- where we haven't had really the last we had was october. we have to fine tune all this once we get cranked up. that won't be until tuesday. the system is on its way. until then we have mostly clear skies. lows in the 30s or low 40s. city is at 46. san jose at 44. rain to the north. you can see it lifting a little bit. because the system is deepening. today is fine. mostly sunny. but overall everything is starting to show signs of getting in here. not this week.
5:19 am
it will be much cooler is on the bay. rain win for the sierra, in re. it does look like rain on tuesday. winter storm warning kicks in tonight and goes until 5:00 a.m.. mostly sunny today. more clouds to the north. afternoon highs 50s and 60s. temperatures really this will be the last day of anything in the mid 60s. now we will be looking at upper 50s and low 60s for almost everybody. rain tuesday. holds into wednesday morning. a break thursday. rain into friday and saturday. cold and windy an sunday. 5:19. european markets started the week with gains as several bank stocks are up. that is in contrast to almost all the major markets in asia that closed with losses. taiwan dropped more than 1%. south korea lost almost three quarters of a percent.
5:20 am
investors are reacting to a slow down in growth in china. here at homes stocked closed modestly. here's a locks at the closing numbers from friday. dow up 14. nasdaq up 17. s & p up about 5. the lay bar adopt says the job outlook is brightening for younger workers. the unemployment rate for 25-34 fell 8.7% last month. that is the lowest level in more than two years. down from 9% in january of this year. young workers were hurt more than other age groups by the recession as employers laid off entry level workers first and cut back on hiring new college grads without experience. reflection and rebel -- remembrance. the attributes from tokyo to the bay area. george clooney goes to the washington. the reason congress is turning
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good morning. we have mostly clear skies. maybe a little partly cloudies to the north. today we are waiting for that system that will be here on tuesday for what looks to be rain. today upper 50s and low 60s. time is 5:23.
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new this morning 45 people are believed be trapped in the snow after an avalanche in afghanistan. it hit two villages in the remote area of the eastern part of the country near the border of pakistan. the snow buried 13 homes. that has prevented rescue teams from getting in. 50 people died in another avalanche in afghanistan. this has been the deadliest winter for the country in 30 years. movie star george clooney is scheduled to testify before a senate committee on wednesday about the ongoing violence in sudan. clooney is the cofounder of the satellite tension project. that is trying to prevent the return of full scale civil war in sudan. this will be clooney's third appearance before the senate committee on foreign relations to talk about sudan. a year after a deadly earthquake and tsunami, japanese leaders are pledging to rebuild their country.
5:25 am
the emperor and prime minister lead a memorial yesterday. in one of the hardest hit areas thousands of people filled a baseball stadium to mourn their loss. 300,000 people across the country are still living in temporary housing. much of the debris remains piled up. only about 6% has been incinerated. san francisco's japantown was just one of the many places world-wide that held memorial services yesterday. events included a moment of silence at 2:46:00 p.m. to mark the point when the quake hit north eastern japan. the bay area ceremony concluded with people writing personal -- those will be sent to quake survivors. >> message to the japan and the people who are suffering. >> i think being part of the
5:26 am
recovery effort it brings back a lot of memories. where you were that day. what you were thinking. the pain you saw. >> a person back from the disaster zone says many survivors are dealing with post dramatic stress disorder. meanwhile a bay area disaster relief fund has raised more than $4 million to help japanese recovery efforts. the exes of the tsunami hit the california host line. more than 100 local boat owners have received financial aid while two docks have been rebuilt 20 more need repairs. it will take another year to get all that work done. 5:26. more people are visiting the national area area. good weather and the economy has drawn people. the golden gate recreational area is the second most visited national park in the country
5:27 am
with more than 14.5 million visitors last year alone. it's expected to stay busy this year with the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge coming up in may. the search is on for a bay area marine that hasn't been seen in ten days. berkeley police chief still under fire for his actions war a newspaper reporter. find out how city officials are reacting today. also oakland police are -- good morning, interstate 80 westbound looks pretty good so far. it's getting more crowded. find out where the traffic trouble spots are. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2 i'm maureen naylor. >> and i'm ken wayne. pam and dave have the morning off. let's check in with steve. we have a break here before the system moves in tomorrow. we'll have projections on that and the upcoming week. i'm sure you heard. looks like rain son the way. not today. today is mostly clear. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. highs today if you need to get out and do chores upper 50s and low to mid 60s. here is sal. fight fears may be clearing on a scene of a vehicle fire.
5:31 am
it's happening along lune di way. at this point we don't know if anyone was hurt in this incident. firefighters were called to the scene just after 4:30. if you are driving in the area, you may see activity right near this way in pacifica. let's go to live pictures now. westbound bay bridge this traffic looks pretty good. no major problems getting on the bridge. the morning drive is not all that bad if you are driving on to the span. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. topping our news at 5:30 it's been a violent night on the streets of oakland. police are investigating two overnight shootings. with a total of three victims including a 13-year-old girl. police say they found that girl lying on the street at 18th avenue and east 15th street around 2:00 this morning. she had been shot in the arm and was taken to oakland's children hospital. she is expected to survive. three hours earlier two people were wounded in the
5:32 am
gunfire on high street near san carless avenue. both victims are expected to survive. police are looking for suspects in both shootings. 5:31. berkeley police chief is coming under fire. the city council may take a close look at his recent behavior. ktvu tara moriarty is live in berkeley to explain the fallout from the chief's late night command. tara. >> reporter: critics are calling this a case of police intimidation. saying michael meehan lacks a police chief gene. they are meeting to talk about it. this all stems from a controversy thursday after midnight when meehan decided to send an officer to a reporters home. doug oakley a reporter for the oakland tribune wrote a story about a heated community meeting earlier that night.
5:33 am
meehan had apologized for the slow response in connection to the february killing of berkeley's resident by an intruder at his house. meehan bris led at the -- meehan bristled about the report. the police officer mary cussmiss knocked on his door while the family slept. she told oakley she is mortified to be at his home but was asked by the chief to ask him to change the story. he did make minor changes but when the chief was not satisfied that's when oakley spoke up. meehan apologized for oakley. oakley does not plan to sue and he will report to work today. coming up find out if meehan has the police department's rank and file behind him. live from berkeley i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:33. a bay area marine hasn't been seen in ten days and the search
5:34 am
is on. it's centered near the san mateo coastline and the sharp park golf course. lorraine blanco joins us. >> reporter: we are in the golf course here. this is where police found the marine's camper. so far the camp ser the main clue. this is joseph mchenry. he is 27 years old. ten days ago he told family members he was going rock climbing and planning to spend the night in the area. police found his vehicle on wednesday and a few of his belongings. >> we continue to believe there is a possibility he's in the search area. that's why we are looking. we did find some gear during our search on thursday. >> reporter: this is a multiagency operation. crews from the san mateo county sheriff office, national park service, and san bruno police department is helping with this search.
5:35 am
if you have any information about his whereabouts you are asked to call -- >> a bay area national of the -- they headed 700 miles west of o.k. koa pow koa to provide medical care to two men that were burned by a diesel fire. time is 5:35. closing arguments will begin in retrial. she is the daughter of raiders great fred. a court original convicted ali in 2009 but won a retrial after an appeals court overturned his
5:36 am
conviction. occupy protestors are -- this time they are targeting county recorders offices. they are planning to gather outside the county recorders office starting at 9:30 this morning. they are going to ask the county officials to conduct audits of foreclosures. occupy protestors say too many incidents of foreclosure fraud are taking place across california. uc berkeley has taken action against a -- according to the bay area news group records show former assistant vice chancellor dianne pushed for five pay raises. he was earning $70,000 a year. but by 2010 he was earning $110,000. the raises reportedly started in 2009 when the two began
5:37 am
dating. lide was demoted and her pay was cut from $188,000 to $175,000. get those brackets ready. march madness is upon us. coming up at 5:45 where cal and st. mary's rank among the teams. 5:36. riding bart on the weekend might get cheaper. bob franklin tells examiner he plans charging off peak rates to riders on saturday and sundays. bart trains are mostly empty on the weekend. no decision is expected any time soon. the bart board is expected to spend the next few months discussing the budget and the discount proposal. 5:37. if you are not taking bart and stuck out there on the freeway, let's check in with sal to see how it looks. >> good morning, ken and maureen. traffic is doing pretty well out there. grab that cup of coffee to go. it seems like it's early for
5:38 am
some reason. this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. this traffic is moving along pretty well. no major problems. remember almost every officer i talk to says crashes tend to go up this first week after the time change. just drive carefully. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. if you are driving in livermore from livermore to castro valley on 580 that traffic moves along pretty well. if you move to the south bay, freeway there is are off to a good start. >> we are down an hour earlier compared to friday. >> i guess so. we do have mostly clear skies. it will be nice day today. and then the system right up there will work its way. some of the rain already to the north. again it's not today. it's late tonight into tomorrow. it's thinning out. it's developing. it has turned to deepen.
5:39 am
rain and cold developing. the rainfall won't be that big of a deal especially toward the south bay. hopefully it will set up for the next couple of systems to come in. some of the rainfall projections around 3-6 inches north bay. elsewhere an inch and a half. let's hope this develops because we need the rain. this is a week long projection for rainfall. possible rainfall. okay. north coast i buy into that. i will buy into that. mendocino and lake county. north bay 4-5 possible. then after that it really tails off. okay. farther south much lesser amounts. these are possible projections between now and sunday. 30s to 40s on the temps. a lot more 30s showing up now under clear skies. that is our system right there. the first system will move in really, really slowly. this is a cloud and rain forecast. we are okay through noon.
5:40 am
through 5:00 we are okay. watch tonight. clouds start to roll in. there is tomorrow morning. start to make it into mendocino county and lake county. this is tuesday morning. the projection on the rainfall watch san jose .08. yet santa rosa to 1.5. it looks like the knot bay may be getting decent rain. chilly lows. highs today in the upper 50s and very, very low 60s. showers wednesday. a break thursday. more rain moves in. 5:40. a tough start to the baseball season for little leaguers. tomorrow's republican primaries may be a make or break moment for one of the candidates. good morning, 680 traffic looks good. we'll tell you where the traffic trouble spots are. 3q
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mostly clear. not too bad today. a little chill in the morning. 30s and 40s. we'll end up with upper 50s and low 60s. good morning, it's 5:42. here's a quick look at the stories we are following right now. oakland police are investigating two overnight shootings. there are a total of three victims including a 13-year-old girl. so far police have not made any arrests. ktvu allie rasmus will have more at the top of the hour. as soon as today the berkeley city council could start looking into the recent allegations of police chief michael meehan. he said he regrets ordering an officer to go to the home of a journalist to change an oakland
5:44 am
tribune story posted online. the taliban is vowing revenge for the killing of 16 afghan civilians. a u.s. soldier reportedly entered three houses in a village near his base and killed everyone inside. the dead include nine children and three women. in your political watch this morning. republican presidential candidate newt gingrich has the most at stake in tomorrow's primaries in mississippi and alabama. so far gingrich has won only two states georgia and south carolina. he has been campaigning heavily in mississippi and alabama. if he doesn't win there it would be considered a real blow to his campaign. rick santorum has been spending time in the two southern states and confident of his chances tomorrow. >> we feel pretty good we are in a position to win it right out. if we have to go to an open convention we like our chances just as well. >> mitt romney and ron paul have not spent much time.
5:45 am
after that hall attend -- the violence continues in syria. progovernment gunmen killed a dozen people. syria state inia claimed the death. the continued violence comes despite optimism expressed by former united nations. a funeral for marie kohl van is being held this morning in her home state of new york. a wake was held over the weekend in oyster bay. she was killed while covering the violence in syria. it was a deadly weekend on bay area train tracks. erik was hit and killed by a cal train in menlo park. he was stabbing on the track --
5:46 am
standing on the tracks when he was hit. and then angela was hit by an amtrak train near washington avenue in san leandro. 24 hours later a man was hit by a different amtrak train. the three incidents are all still under investigation. a set back for the petaluma valley little league. it will have to replace $3,000 worth of baseball equipment after a weekend theft. police say thieves broke into a storage shed at parkway and maria drive. it happened sometime between 5:30:00 p.m. on saturday and 9:00 yesterday morning. the suspects got away with two motorized pitching machines, a line chalk machine and gear. st. mary's is getting ready to travel after they learn they are in the midwest region for the ncaa basketball tournament. a big wahoo. we were there with the gales when they found out they are
5:47 am
the number seven seed. they will face number ten seed purdue on friday. that will be in omaha, nebraska. the cal bears are also in the midwest region but they are playing in one of the play in games. only two pac 12 teams made the tournament. colorado got an automatic bid after winning the conference tournament. the bears lost to the buffaloes in the semi final. cal plays south florida on wednesday in dayton, ohio. today the ncaa womens tournament bracket will be announced. stanford is expected to be the number one seed and cal is also expected to be in the field. >> stanford is almost a sure bet all the time. >> that is a good women's team. let's turn it over to sal. sal is talking about losing that hour. >> my goodness i think i might need a nap later today. i've got the coffee here. i think a lot of people are getting ready to hit the road. i want to mention that sometimes during this time of the year, betend to see more
5:48 am
traffic accidents of people not quite a wake yet. be careful out there this morning. make it a decent monday. let's take a lock at the commute on highway 4. it's already busy. no major problems coming into the concord area. also the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is light. we don't have a big delay. no major problems getting on the bridge. that is very uneventful. just the way we like it. uneventful. northbound 17 traffic looks good. highway 101 and 285 traffic are off to a nice start. we have mostly clear skies. tomorrow morning still a lot of rain on the north coast. not a lot. by it's developing. and it looks like rain and cold on the way. starting with the rain tomorrow. and then really cold air comes in for the weekend. no really cold.
5:49 am
hopefully everything comes together. i say that because it has been a dry year. it has been a long time coming here. it looks like north bay. 30s on your temps. a lot of low 30s and 3rd. some of the rainfall projections for tuesday morning. not much san jose. not much livermore. concord a half inch of rain. look where the line is drawn. mostly sunny clouds to the north. chilly lows. afternoon highs upper 50s to low 60s mainly. temperatures will be pretty close here. coast bay and inland. 65 in antioch 63 in morgan hill. santa rosa at 60. cloudy and rainy on tuesday. looks like it holds into wednesday morning. it's out of here.
5:50 am
more rain moves in saturday and sunday. and then darn cold. thank you very much. 5:49. a new study shows a common belief about who starts new businesses isn't backed up by facts. baby boomers have the highest rate of startups during the last decades. people in their 20s had the lowest rate. one quarter of all businesses were started by 65 and 64. a new survey shows new retailers are looking to cut cost by cutting back on retail space. while larger stores in malls are not getting smaller other stores are. less space in front of the store means less inventory is needed and cuts down on utility cost. own the lorax remains the king at the box office.
5:51 am
pulling in more than $39 million this last weekend alone. animated family movie topped disney's expensive science fiction feature called john carter. project x, silent house and act of valor rounded out the top five. why she is being called one of the world's most fearless women. there could be some relief during your morning commute. but you have to pay a little extra for it. good morning, 237 so far so good. probably won't stay this way for too much longer though.
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good morning, and welcome back. two men survived a plane crash that started this brush fire last night. the pilot was trying to land on a road in northern los angeles county but didn't make it and crashed on a remote hillside. neither man was seriously hurt and the fire burned ten acres before it was put out. faa investigators will be at the crash scene looking for the cause of the accident. three bodies have been recovered by a capsize boat. the search is expected to resume for a fourth body spotted floating nearby. the bodies were spotted from the air but by the time
5:55 am
rescuers on a boat reached the area, they were only able to recover three bodies. the coast guard says none of the men was wearing a life jacket. a new express lane in the south bay opens this week and expected to provide relief for some commuters. about 300,000 drivers use the 880, 237 interchange in milpitas every day. solo drivers mafia pay a -- may pay a fee top use the hov lane. >> this is one way top make a better efficiency out of a roadway that is again highway congested and essentially car pool lane that is under utilized. >> car poolers will have to cover or remove their fast track transponders to avoid unnecessary charges. the new lane opens thursday morning at 5:00 a.m.. sal, what do you think?
5:56 am
will it have a big difference out there in the morning commute? i think a little bit of a difference but nothing big. commuters don't tepid to make any big changes in groups. take awhile for things to catch on. to change your morning routine if you know what i mean. let's take a look at the commute. northbound 280 that's why the time change is such a big deal. twitter is all over the place with that. people are not really happy about losing this hour. let's move along and take a welcome at 680 southbound. traffic is moving pretty well. and one more thing bay bridge toll plaza not a bad looking commute here. traffic looks good. there has been nothing unusual. looks pretty good on the way into the city. it's 5:56 let's two back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. san mateo congresswoman jackie spear has has been chosen by one as one of the
5:57 am
most fearless women. she was chosen because she helped expose a problem with rape and sexual assault in the u.s. military. joining spear on the list include jennifer newsom. california attorney general kamala harris is on the list for her dedication to criminal justice. and kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart for her work on stronger child protection laws. coming up at 6:00 berkeley city council may have some questions about the actions of its police chief. we'll have the latest on the controversial wake up call at a newspaper reporters house. a 13-year-old girl is the latest victim of oakland street violence. find out the latest on the search for any suspects. well all quiet before the system comes in tuesday. we'll have your forecasted highs and talk about the rain on tuesday coming up. ñ3q
5:58 am
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three people were shot in oakland overnight. one of the victims is a 13-year- old girl. what we are learning about the investigation coming up. berkeley police chief still under fire for waking up a newspaper reporter last week. we'll tell you what the city council plans to do


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